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Sleepy P.I.

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Sleepy P.I.


Book One in the Sandy Mantle Series

Sandy Mantle used to work as a hitman who couldn't sleep until he made his kill. Now he works as a private investigator...who cannot sleep until he closes his case. And he's about to take a very long case.

Point Insertion is a town with a secret. Myla Campbell is a woman with land someone wants her dead over. Sandy Mantle is a private eye with a receptionist who has a penchant for excessive advertising. There's also a midget. And a plot. And a few jokes along the way.

Aaron Steinmetz makes his writing debut in this comedic murder mystery set along the Northern California coast.

Also available for the Kindle!

"I thoroughly enjoyed Sleepy P.I. It is basically a mystery story with elements of comedy. It reminds me a bit of a cross between Whole Nine Yards/Ten Yards and Grosse Pointe Blank. In that vein, it is a lot of fun." - Karin, Savvy Thinker

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