Aaron Steinmetz

...be very still...the bird's angry...and I think he can see us.

Cocoa Tales: Episode 25

On his knees in a room with a drain in the floor, Floyd turned a slow circle. Every wall was covered in bright red blood, still glistening in the light. Monty waited patiently as his prey took in the sights around him. He even smiled a bit as sweat began to build on Floyd’s brow.  "Wow," Floyd muttered, "the Storyteller has taken it up a notch."

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Cocoa Tales: Episode 23

The line of black smoke lingered above the road, snaking in and around the city blocks of downtown Redding. It drifted slowly across the street, dividing traffic. The train pierced the line of smoke, splitting it as it rumbled through Redding. The source of the smoke stopped beside the jail, rumbled, sputtered and kept running for several seconds after Floyd turned the key off. "It may be a minute," he said as Smokey refused to die.

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Cocoa Tales: Episode 21

The Sandman glanced down at Cocoa Tael who suddenly began wondering if resurrecting Nibbles was the best idea for her plans to kill someone. She wondered if her plan wasn’t foiled again by some outside force beyond her control. She wondered if that force really was beyond her control.  It was.  Because I say.

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Cocoa Tales: Episode Eighteen

Faber collapsed into an end table flipping a lamp into the air. It shattered against the wall raining glass down into the carpet. Face down on the floor again, Faber groaned, pressed one palm on the floor, then another.  He then lifted his back legs and attempted to walk on all fours, stumbling as he did so.

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