Aaron Steinmetz

...be very still...the bird's angry...and I think he can see us.

What's Her Name

After an evening of drinking and rehashing all the reasons tow-truck drivers are hell-spawn spewed from the mouth of Satan himself, I turned in.  The next day I woke, cleaned myself up, dressed in my figurative-ladykiller attire and headed toward the parking lot.  And I didn’t have the slightest idea how I was gonna do it.

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Firefly (A Story from Master Control)

I couldn’t understand why all the other operators in master control were so excited by The Joss making a show for The Fox, something called Firefly about space something-or-other. There was a naked girl in the commercial, and I’m always pleased with nudity, but that was all that interested me about it.

And then I saw the pilot.

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No Doubtfire

If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering two things for decades: one, “When will they make a Mister Doubtfire?” And two, “What happened to the three kids?  Gosh I hope they’re okay.”  Well you can stop holding your breath.  I have good news for you: Mara Wilson and Lisa Jakub, the eldest and youngest daughters irrespectively, are both perfectly fine.

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