Aaron Steinmetz

...be very still...the bird's angry...and I think he can see us.

My Writing Process

Someone asked me once where my stories come from.  It’s quite simple, really.  I sit in front of my computer with a cup of coffee on one side and a stack of classical music CDs on the other.  I stretch a few times, take a deep breath and let it out.  I light some candles.  Then I fall to my knees uttering a prayer in Latin at which point the ceiling bursts open and I’m emblazoned by blinding lights and deafened by a choir of angels singing praises as a perfectly proof-read manuscript slowly lowers down and hovers at my lap.  I type it into the computer and put my name on it.

See?  Anybody can do it.  The only problem is I don’t make a whole lot of money.  Roof repairs, you know.

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